Salesforce for B2B

Salesforce for B2B is able to handle three areas of the firm’s operations: marketing, sales, and after-sales processes (repairs and support).

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Why Salesforce for B2B?

Salesforce CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software, so its core component is all customer touchpoints. Salesforce for B2B is able to handle three areas of the firm’s operations: lead generation (marketing), sales, and after-sales processes (repairs and support). So, it covers almost everything there is to know about the company — and most CRM systems focus only on the sales and marketing sides.

B2B Marketing

The most important source of marketing leads is a company website, which is why the ability to link CRM with a website and marketing automation solutions is critical. You may accomplish this using Salesforce with the web-to-lead functionality.

B2B Sales

 When properly customized, Salesforce CRM is able to focus all relevant people at the company around a particular CASE. This solution is a growth hacking tool for manufacturing and service companies.

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After-sales in Salesforce for B2B

After-sales processes are as essential in B2B business. The company’s image and sales volumes are dependent on the quality of after-sales services (such as fast repair service). As a result, CRM’s assistance in maintaining these procedures is critical. Salesforce Case functionality that integrates all necessary data for the efficient run of a complete process.

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What is Salesforce Case?

The Salesforce CASE is the core element of CRM, and it contains all data on client touchpoints. The use of Salesforce Case enables tracking customer service issues, providing customer support and resolving problems, and tracking resolutions. But what’s most important, all the data and communication are in one place! 

3 features that make
Salesforce effective for B2B

Web-to-Case and Email-to-Case

The Web-to-Case functionality enables embedding a web form into a website (similar to Web-to-Lead). Straight from the form data is sent to Salesforce CRM automatically. Similarly, email-to-case works in the same manner as email is sent, and it immediately generates a Case.

Communication via email & chat in one place

Salesforce Cases enable keeping all communication in one place. Everyone working on the case will have access to the same information. Especially chatter is an extremely useful tool for resolving a case’s issue since it aids internal communication.

Access for B2B partners via the Salesforce Portal

The Salesforce Portal is a simple and cheaper version of the CRM. This makes it possible to provide access to B2B business partners, such as dealers and distributors. 

Salesforce for B2B international marketing

International Marketing

By default, the Salesforce CRM uses Opportunities for lead nurturing. However, when customized, CRM CASE can be used instead. It provided a tremendous value of SIMPLICATION : 3 pillars of B2B, marketing, sales, and aftersales working together on the same prospect. 

Use of CRM data

The Salesforce CRM data provides information on how much service time affects customer satisfaction, and how many times you have to contact a client before they buy your products. The data can be further used in Salesforce Omnichannel solutions for targeted lead generation. 

Salesforce for B2B: Where to begin?

Salesforce for B2B is an investment that requires finance for the software license, implementation, and employment of extra people. The installation process itself may take even a year. Therefore before investing, it is a good idea to talk to drySEO which already helped implement Salesforce CRM successfully.