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B2B Lead Generation

We specialize in B2B lead generation, using advanced SEO and SEM techniques on Google. Our approach helps B2B companies, including technology and manufacturing companies, gain customers and partners in foreign markets while reducing the cost of entry into those markets.

SEO Leads

SEO Leads

DrySEO’s techniques for attracting potential SEO leads include both on-page optimization and Google SEO strategies. We strive to make topic authority the key to establishing a site as a trusted source of information, which in turn improves its search engine ranking and attracts more organic leads.

content seo

Content Marketing

We offer content marketing for technology and manufacturing companies. Our content is optimized for Google SEO and B2B lead generation. Informational content is designed to educate audiences, transactional content is designed to encourage specific actions, such as purchasing a product, and commercial content is designed to promote an offering. Effective SEO content combines these elements in a way that grabs the audience’s attention, builds trust and loyalty, and ultimately leads to business goals.

silos seo

SEO Content

SEO content should be created by specialists in the respective field who have deep knowledge of the subject, in collaboration with an SEO expert. Traditionally, SEO content was created by copywriters, but in the new generation of SEO, where the internet is flooded with low-quality content, it is crucial to create valuable materials.

czym jest SEO

International SEO

 Our international SEO services are tailored to the specific requirements of foreign versions of Google’s search engine, enabling effective visibility in markets such as the US, UK, and Germany. We handle content creation and optimization to ensure a high ranking in organic search results, crucial for winning foreign customers and partners.

SEM SEO Marketing

At drySEO, we focus on integrated SEM SEO marketing strategies to increase your website’s visibility in Google search results. Our services are designed to help technology companies expand into foreign markets by generating valuable B2B leads and building international business relationships.

Growth Hacking SEO

Our growth hacking SEO techniques are creative, unconventional, and cost-effective strategies aimed at improving a website’s SEO. The growth hacking SEO techniques are data-driven, relying on continuous experimentation across various marketing channels to foster growth. Examples of effective techniques include Avalanche SEO and Semantic SEO, or tiered link building. 

e-marketing w przedsiębiorstwie

New Internet Marketing

We help companies effectively implement new online marketing through SEO, SEM, content marketing, email, and modern technologies such as AI and automation. New marketing generates leads using two-way, personalized and data-driven interactivity with customers in an online environment.

high-tech marketing dryseo

High-Tech Marketing

As an agency specializing in high-tech marketing, drySEO understands the unique challenges of the technology sector. Our strategies are tailored to the needs of technology companies, combining product and service innovation with effective collaboration between R&D and marketing departments.

Tools for managing online marketing for growth hacking

Marketing for Tech Companies

drySEO helps technology companies structure marketing to identify and understand customer needs, create demand, and build awareness. We implement activities such as market research, promotion, and customer relationship building that are long-term oriented and focus on attracting and retaining customers by delivering value.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing 4.0

Our approach to digital marketing 4.0 focuses on delivering personalized customer experiences, using data to better understand and engage audiences through marketing automation

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

drySEO helps technology companies and manufacturers build an effective social media marketing strategy to effectively brand and position the company in a competitive environment.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We help implement email marketing in technology and manufacturing companies to be effective. We help customize content selection depending on the purpose, whether it is to inform about new products, promote offers, or build brand awareness.

customer journey

Customer Journey

We help you understand the customer journey before they contact your company with Google Analytics. In technology and manufacturing companies, the customer journey consists of a series of interactions with a brand, each of which has a unique meaning and influences the purchase decision. The stages of the customer journey include awareness, consideration of an offer, purchase decision, experience of using the product or service, loyalty, and final recommendation.

CX doświadczenie konsumenta

Customer Experience

drySEO helps technology and B2B companies shape the customer experience on the website, as well as improve the usability and accessibility of customer software interfaces and product firmware.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

drySEO helps implement marketing automation with tools such as Salesforce or Hubspot, enabling precise targeting of messages, leading to higher KPIs and revenue growth. With marketing automation, technology, and B2B companies can better utilize their resources while minimizing human error and operational costs.

Business Development for Tech and Manufacturers

At drySEO, we view business development for technology and manufacturing companies as a holistic goal, combining SEO, SEM, and B2B lead generation strategies. We support overall business growth by measuring and optimizing key success metrics.

GTM Strategy

The GTM strategy innovates in the products or services offered, marketing, and sales techniques. For example, Go-To-Market innovations are applied to pricing strategies, distribution channels, lead generation methods, or the way a product or service is presented to potential buyers.

Project Management for Tech

Project Management is an approach to the management of company operations for capitalizing on business opportunities, called projects. In business development, project management professionals plan and execute strategies, manage constraints, and coordinate efforts across teams, to complete projects within specified time frames. 

CRM for Tech

Salesforce CRM is an online Customer Relationship Management software, able to handle three areas of the firm’s operations: lead generation (marketing), sales, and after-sales processes (repairs and support). The Salesforce CRM manages customer interactions through email, chat, community, and portal pages. 

Service Blueprint for SaaS

The role of Service Blueprint in SaaS business development is to visually depict the entire process involved in delivering a service, from the first step to the last. This blueprint allows companies to see all stages of their service, including customer interactions and operations taking place behind the scenes. With this detailed view, companies can identify where things may not be working well or where improvements can be made. So Service Blueprint essentially helps SaaS companies improve their services, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction. This increased satisfaction can then support the company’s growth and development.


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