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SEO builds the brand authority of technology and manufacturing companies and generates demand in international markets, supporting the go-to-market strategy.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or optimization for search algorithms. SEO refers to the ranking, or order of pages displayed when a phrase (keywords) is typed in.

What is SEO for Tech and Manufacturers?

SEO for tech and manufacturers is a subset of SEO specifically tailored to improve the online visibility of companies that target other businesses (B2B) as clients. It involves optimizing a company’s website and content to rank higher in search results for keywords relevant to their industry and services.

What is the main goal of SEO for technology and manufacturing companies?

The main goal of SEO for technology and manufacturing companies is to generate a large number of industrial leads by increasing the website’s visibility. Indirect goals include attracting more visitors, building brand authority, and generating demand for products and services. In addition, SEO seeks to improve the quality of website traffic, which increases the chances of converting visitors into customers, supporting the effectiveness of SEM SEO marketing.

Why is SEO important for technology and manufacturing companies?

SEO is important for technology and manufacturing companies to increase their online visibility, attract potential customers, and build strong brand authority. In B2B purchasing decisions are often lengthy and require a lot of research, hence visibility in search results is key to reaching customers early in their buying journey. A high position in search results is seen as an indicator of brand credibility and authority.

How does SEO affect brand image?

A high ranking in search results is seen as an indicator of a brand’s credibility and authority. Tech and manufacturing companies that use SEO effectively are seen as leaders in their field, which increases consumer confidence.

What SEO techniques are used to build a industrial brand authority?

  • Content optimization: Creating valuable, high-quality content that answers users’ questions and needs.
  • Link building: Building a network of external links leading to a site, which increases its authority in the eyes of search engines.
  • Technical optimization: Improving a site’s structure, loading speed and responsiveness for a better user experience.
  • Keyword research: Identifying and optimizing content for relevant keywords that potential customers type into search engines.
  • SEO and SEM integration: Leveraging the synergy between SEO and SEM, where SEO improves organic search results and SEM, including paid PPC campaigns, increases visibility and attracts traffic.

How does SEO support the go-to-market strategy?

B2B SEO supports the go-to-market strategy by increasing the visibility of new products and services in search results. This makes it easier for potential customers to find information about new offerings, speeding up the go-to-market process. Additionally, SEO helps build brand awareness and trust among customers.

How effective is SEO in attracting new customers for tech and manufacturers?

Industrial SEO leads convert at 14.6% on average, indicating their high effectiveness in generating new customers.

Google positions websites through a process of scanning, indexing, and ranking pages. Scanning involves Google’s robots crawling the Internet to find and update pages, indexing involves analyzing and organizing page content, and ranking involves selecting the most relevant and high-quality pages to display in search results.

An SEO optimization of a B2B company’s website is an ongoing process, including technical and content aspects, as well as monitoring and adjusting strategies to meet changing search engine requirements.

What is an international SEO?

An international SEO is the optimization of a website for foreign versions of search engines. This is accomplished through various techniques, such as using hreflang tags, localizing content, and designing an SEO-friendly URL structure. This form of SEO is essential for B2B companies that operate in multiple countries or offer services in different languages, as it allows them to effectively reach and communicate with a diverse customer base, thus facilitating global business growth.

What are the benefits of SEO abroad?

SEO is a strategic investment in a tech and manufacturing company’s digital assets, such as its website and brand, which are key elements in valuing a business. By expanding into new markets, a technology company not only increases its revenue and market share but also builds the value of its customer base. High search engine rankings and consistent traffic translate into sustainable assets that strengthen a company’s value in the long term, while increasing its competitiveness in both the global market. In addition, SEO strengthens the manufacturer’s domain’s position in the country, which contributes to deeper penetration of the local market. As a result, B2B SEO translates into organic growth that is sustainable and benefits both internationally and in the company’s home country.

International SEO


The choice between SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) depends on a company’s goals, budget, and strategic planning. Google Ads offers quick visibility and is ideal for tech and manufacturing companies that want immediate results and have a budget for PPC campaigns. International SEO is better for companies with limited budgets that can invest in long-term visibility building. The best results come from a combination of SEO and SEM methods, which provide instant visibility through Google Ads and sustainable organic growth through SEO.

How does tech SEO generate leads in international markets?

Tech SEO supports lead generation in international markets by increasing the visibility of the website in different countries and languages. Optimizing content for local search engines and user preferences allows companies to reach a wider audience, building global brand awareness and generating demand for products and services in foreign markets

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What is an SEO project?

An SEO project is the process of improving a website’s visibility in search engines. It involves several tasks, such as conducting an SEO audit, competitor research, technical optimization, keyword research, content creation, link building, and content promotion. The goal of these activities is to improve the site’s position in search results, increase organic traffic, and ultimately increase conversions and revenue.

What is the key to success in B2B SEO projects?

The key to success in B2B SEO projects is choosing the right project manager who understands the longer sales cycle in business-to-business ventures. A successful project uses both SEO project management and niche experts to create educational content targeting the decision-making phase of the sales funnel. Often this approach is supported by SEM techniques to increase awareness and attract potential customers in the awareness stage. By ensuring effective management and the creation of content that addresses the specific needs of B2B customers, these projects can achieve significant success.

SEO Project

Which SEO strategy is effective for tech and manufacturers?

An effective SEO strategy for technology and manufacturing companies is the ongoing placement of SEO in the marketing strategy, including site optimization, social media activities, email marketing, and video and graphic content production. The results of SEO efforts are measured by KPIs such as search engine position, organic traffic growth, and lead conversion.

What kind of SEO content is effective in technology and industrial sectors?

In technology and industrial sectors, effective SEO content is valuable content from an SEO and user perspective that combines optimization techniques with best content creation practices. They ensure high search engine rankings and engage users.

How to evaluate whether positioning is effective?

The effectiveness of SEO can be assessed by monitoring the site’s position for relevant phrases and the growth of organic traffic to the site using analytical tools such as Google Analytics.

How to measure ROI for SEO?

ROI for SEO is measured by comparing the revenue generated from customers acquired organically to the costs incurred for SEO activities. The lower the cost of customer acquisition, the higher the ROI.

How to reduce the cost of SEO?

SEO costs can be reduced by effectively combining SEO strategies with SEM, including paid Google Ads campaigns, which increases visibility and attracts more customers at a lower total cost.

How much should a tech or manufacturing company invest in SEO services?

Hiring an in-house SEO expert costs $2,000 to $3,000 per month. Working with an outside agency specializing in a niche costs $2,000 per month.

Why hire an SEO expert?

Hiring a SEO expert provides a company with constant access to specialized knowledge and skills, which is crucial in the rapidly changing digital marketing environment. SEO specialists can respond quickly to changes in algorithms and adjust strategies, providing a competitive edge.

What SEO tools should a tech or manufacturing company use?

The tech or manufacturing company should use SEO tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics and paid tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush. The investment in these tools is about $200 net per month.

What kind of positioning for B2B e-commerce?

Positioning for B2B e-commerce includes the use of phrases that reflect customers’ shopping intentions, optimization of product titles, descriptions, and metatags, and a logical, user-friendly URL structure.

What SEO activities for a small B2B business?

Small B2B businesses should focus on local optimization and creating valuable content. Content that answers specific customer questions, such as blogs, how-to articles, infographics, and videos, can attract traffic to a site and improve its search engine ranking.

SEO Marketing
Intenational SEO link strategy

Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO involves structuring content in such a way that search engine algorithms can better interpret users’ search intent and context. Artificial intelligence algorithms used in semantic search recognize not only keywords but also their meaning and the intent behind users’ queries. This approach makes it possible to present users with content that best matches their intentions, be it shopping or education.

Semantic SEO is visualized as a network of nodes, where each node represents a thematic link, and the distances between nodes – vectors – reflect the degree of the thematic link. Such node networks, generated by artificial intelligence algorithms, allow better understanding and presentation of content according to users’ search intentions.

An example of SEO growth hacking

The results of the SEO growth hack were a 250% increase in international organic traffic in just 3 months. In this high-tech SEO example, the use of semantic content and the avalanche method was strategic. The project was deliberately planned for one of Google’s major updates – a major change in the SEO algorithm. Such updates often lead to a “re-ranking” process, in which Google adjusts sites’ ranking positions according to newly implemented criteria.

growth hacking seo case study

Key Takeaways

  1. SEO increases the visibility of a tech or manufacturing brand by placing it at the top of search results, which generates more leads.
  2. SEO leads in technology and manufacturing sectors are effectively generated through content and website optimization, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  3. An effective SEO strategy requires continuous technical optimization and the creation of valuable content that engages users and meets the requirements of search engine algorithms.
  4. Manufacturing and technology companies should invest in SEO tools such as Google Analytics and Ahrefs to monitor performance and adjust strategies, leading to better financial results.
  5. SEO growth hacking techniques are safe because they focus on search engine guidelines-compliant methods that improve long-term user engagement and experience.

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