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The best purpose of marketing campaign is to draw the attention of leads to marketing content by
evoking emotion.

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What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is a set of marketing activities aimed at generating leads by increasing audience awareness of a brand. Advertising campaigns are an integral part of the marketing strategy. In B2B practices, the goal of a digital campaign is the growth of sales of targeted products or services.

How long does it take to plan
an Advertising Campaign?

In practice, the composing of a good Advertising Campaign takes about four weeks. This period may increase if third parties (subcontractors) are involved in the production. However, it is assumed that campaign preparation should not take longer than the average life of a  campaign, which is 30 days.

Who is developing the Advertising Campaign?

There are two approaches to marketing campaign planning: outsourcing planning to a marketing agency or planning an advertising campaign internally in the marketing department. Outsourcing campaign production to agencies is only effective if the knowledge of the product or service is generally available. In the high-tech industry, outsourcing the advertising campaign to an agency means transferring know-how at the same time, which is generally not efficient in terms of time and marketing content.

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Where is the best place to publish?

In order for a campaign to be effective, it must reach a target group of marketing leads. To this end, the Advertising Campaign should be published where this target group is likely to see the advertising message. Therefore, at an early stage of creating a campaign, it is necessary to determine the advertising channels so that the marketing content is tailored to them. In particular, this applies to the choice of social media channels. For B2B and SaaS, customers generally use LinkedIn and YouTube. If the target group is young people, good channels are TikTok and Instagram.

What does an Advertising Campaign consist of?

An Advertising Campaign consists of marketing content in the form of text (email, posts), graphics, audio, and video. The overriding principle in choosing the type of marketing content is to be guided by the intentions of the target audience. If the intention is educational, then building marketing content in the form of exhaustive texts and videos is justified. If the intention is navigational or shopping then the content should expose what the customer is looking for (e.g. product price, and directions).

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How long should a Digital Campaign last?

The average life cycle of a campaign is 30 days counted from the first contact with the target group. This principle is also used for Christmas or event promotion campaigns.

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Marketing Campaign calendar

In order for campaign activities to have the best effect, a marketing campaign calendar should be created. According to the principle of data-driven marketing, marketing content is most effective when the customer intent matches the intent of the content at the right time. The key to success, then, is to reach leads when they are active in a particular marketing channel. The use of a campaign calendar is important in international marketing. Activities in different countries must be synchronized, which is made possible by a common campaign calendar. When creating an advertising campaign calendar, it is necessary to take into account days off, holidays, events, the duration of the campaign, and the dates of publication in each channel. The calendar should include business events such as seminars, and conferences. Planning a campaign calendar is part of project management.

Advertising Campaign vs. building brand recognition

Branding should be built into every digital marketing campaign. In B2B, advertising campaigns often use the brand as the main phrase. This has to do with the concept of branded traffic, that is, searches for information about products and services related to the brand. For example, it is much easier to promote the phrase ‘Apple Marketing’ (keyword difficulty 34/100) than the word ‘Marketing’ itself (keyword difficulty 95/100). In addition, search engine algorithms promote fresh news on company news sites.

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