Email Marketing B2B

Email marketing B2B is a very effective growth-hacking technique
used by companies in both the High-Tech and SaaS sectors.

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Where did Email marketing come from?

Email marketing is a highly effective Digital Marketing technique used by B2B companies to generate leads. The prototype of Email marketing was mail marketing, which operated on a large scale about 15 years ago. The transformation from traditional mail to Email opened up new possibilities but retained the personal nature of contact with the recipient.

What is the biggest advantage of Email marketing?

The strengths of Email marketing are the low cost of the campaign, the ability to A:B test through conversion tracking, but also the ability to drive users to content on a company’s website for SEO. The biggest advantage of Email marketing, however, is the personal contact with the potential customer. Email marketing has at least 2 seconds of the recipient’s undivided attention, which, if used well, can generate a lead but also convert it into a brand ambassador!

Does Email Marketing B2B still work?

Any successful marketing communication channel is quickly inundated with spam. Email marketing, in particular, is laden with spam and phishing, which are dangerous messages aimed at phishing for data or money. For recipients, spam also includes boring company newsletters that mercilessly litter Email  inboxes. With all this in mind, the good news is that email marketing B2B still works and successfully achieves double-digit CTRs and conversions above SEO averages!

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What is the value of Email marketing for a company?

When selling a business, having a list of customers and potential customers is an important factor in valuing a business. This is because email marketing contains the greatest value for the buyer: direct contact with the customer and potential customer.

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Effectiveness of Email Marketing B2B
in High-Tech and SaaS

The average conversion rate for High-Tech and SaaS websites is 1-2%. This means that on average only 1-2 customers visiting the site decide to leave their email address. Good email content can generate a CTR of 10-20% which is 10 times higher than the landing page conversion. In High-Tech and SaaS, email marketing is a very important part of warming up leads in the middle of the funnel, the decision-making phase.

Marketing automation in practice

Email marketing automation involves preparing a series of emails and building an algorithm that will send the appropriate message depending on the recipient’s response. Marketing automation works great for SaaS – automation makes sales possible 24 hours a day. For eCommerce, marketing automation confirms purchases and payments and handles order cancellations. Automated emails are also a great tool for generating leads from a website, such as newsletter sign-ups or downloads.

What not to do in marketing automation?

Lazy marketers have come up with the idea to use marketing automation to pretend personalized messages. When the recipient doesn’t read the message, the automation sends another one, in which it reminds the recipient of the first one, in the third one of the second one, and in the tenth one, it warns that it won’t write more if the recipient doesn’t respond. Such techniques are particularly damaging in B2B businesses, where high-quality service is required. As a rule, the sender’s addresses of such messages are marked as spam or result in an opt-out.

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What frequency of Email Marketing B2B is best?

The basic principle of data-driven marketing is “talk to me when I expect it.” In the case of Email marketing B2B, this means that sending emails should be driven by events in which the customer can expect support. Just as in a boutique, when one looks around the store, it is the salesperson who approaches and offers help, so email marketing should be helpful in certain situations. In practice, when advanced automation is not available, an email sent more than once a month is not advisable.

What should be in the email content?

Content is text, graphics, and video. Ideally, an email should have them all. Email marketing B2B content should meet at least one of the criteria: interesting, helpful, entertaining, or inspiring. When the content meets 4/4 criteria, then an Email marketing CTR of over 20% is almost guaranteed!

Where to get more information on
Email Marketing B2B and Lead Generation?

At drySEO, we help companies launch products and services in foreign markets on a daily basis. DrySEO’s Lead Generation Strategies use Email Marketing B2B as an effective way to convert leads during the decision-making phase.